Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Wish List

With it being 4 days before Christmas what better time than now to write out of Christmas list.
See the problem is I really don't know what I want. It kinda stinks that my birthday is in December because I usually get everything I want for Christmas for my birthday. And I'm really not that kind of person who is greedy and ask for more. But since so many have asked what I wanted for Christmas here's my list.
Uh duh! Michael Kors anything. Except NOT! I'm not a name brand whore. Sorry if I offended any of you but I'm just not into spending that kind of money on designer items. Besides watches don't even look good on my wrist.
What would be completely practically is anything from KiKiLaRue!
Bath & Body Works Forever Red!
& gift cards!
But really all I want is to spend time with my friends & family! Extra time with J though!
So I hope I helped some of you out a little bit. I love giving not receiving!
If you really. really find it in your heart pockets I could use some extra cash to pay off some bills.
Or a tropical vacation? Vegas & NY are already happening in 2013!
Happy Friday!
& screw you Mayans for freaking everyone out!

1 comment:

  1. I would kill for Michael Kors anything also but unless it goes on a super sale or winds up at TJ Maxx it ain't happening. Sigh....


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