Friday, December 28, 2012

Ladies Night Out

It all started with this text! I just knew a family meeting was being called for something I did but wasn't sure why. Luckily this time it was to clean out the playroom at my parents house. I found this sweet picture of me from when I was probably 4 or 5 & Jamie found her signed Bryan White t-shirt from 15+ years ago. Yes I tweeted this to Bryan White and he "favorited" my tweet!
Then we ended up at Carrabbas for a late dinner. I think Jamie secretly wants a blog. This picture was all her idea. "Lets go sit with mom to take a picture for your B Log! Yep this happened.
& I have to completely agree with this! We fought so much when we were younger. Apparently I was "adopted" but looked just like her growing up. We shared a room until I was about 14 and we ALWAYS drew imaginary lines in the room so we had our own space. & please don't think about crossing over the line! Being 15 months apart has been a blessing. She may be the favorite daughter but at least mom still watches me until I get safely inside. You on the other hand... just use the front door.

We're the two best friends that any one could have!

Yay! Its Friday and I have off until Wednesday! Well except for the 5 hours I work on Saturday.


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  1. ahhh Bryan White! I used to love him!!

    My sister and I used to do the same when we shared our room!


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