Friday, December 7, 2012

Best birthday EVER

Yesterday I turned 27! How is that even possible?
I have the best friends a girl could ever have!
My birthday started the night before with Katie.
I seriously love this crazy lady.
I was sent multiple tweets, fb wishes, phone calls and texts throughout the entire day! Notice the 84% at 8:27? Yeah I felt so loved!

My manager treated to my P F Changs for lunch where I got the best fortune cookie ever!
Then J met us to drop off my gift!

He seriously amazes me everyday. The peonies were delivered while I was at lunch.
I always have problems opening a bottle of wine so he got me an electric wine opener, chiller, & wine saver. & a box of delicious chocolate covered strawberries. The boy sure does know his way to my heart!
Then Allie hijacked my blog with a little insight on how PS came about!
Kayla wrote a birthday post for me! & Channing Tatum wished me a very happy birthday!
& look how amazing they are! I was delivered 2 dozen roses from these two ladies!
My face when I saw this delivery from ProFlowers!
Back story behind these flowers!
They had no idea what my work address was so Allie ended up messagngg J on FB to get it. J told Allie he had to call 3 different flower shops looking for peonies {my favorite flower ever} before finding a local beach shop that had some! Sneaky sneaky you guys!
Then later on in the day I received a text from Kim who asked if I wanted to have dinner with her. To my surprise Katie and her husband Ben were there too! I was greeted with this cute martini glass filled with Verdi! Who cares if it wasn't a martini it was my birthday!

They made me wear the princess tiara and Rylee helped me blow out my candles. Love this sweet baby girl.
There's never a time where we don't have a photo shoot going on!
{only one missing is Molly}
My last surprise was this sweet card from J that he made with Apple Cards from his iPad. How amazing is that app! You choose a card, pick your photos, write a sweet note and include emjois, enter the address and pay right then and tehre through the app store! No more going to the store to search for the "perfect" card that someone else wrote.
Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!
You guys are seriously AMAZEBALLS!
This was the best birthday ever. I've never felt so loved in one day like I did yesterday!
Every time I turned around it just got better!
You guys rock!

& how true is this! I ate too many sweets yesterday
I'm freaking awesome!
Tomorrow I get to celebrate my day of birth with my family & J!
from the bottom of my heart!


  1. Love you! And glad you had such a great birthday! You deserve it!!

  2. Thrills me that you had a fab birthday! Love you lots!!

  3. Looks like you had the best day jenna!!!!!


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