Monday, December 10, 2012

Its a baseball kind of life

This weekend we celebrated my nephew's 3rd birthday.

 He loves all things baseball.

The boy has an arm for a 3 year old its a bit ridiculous!

We had all ballpark foods! Hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, boiled peanuts and cokes!

He doesn't know the rules of the game yet and when I told him to take a base for getting hit by the ball he told me he wasn't running to the base yet because he hadn't hit the ball!

He's one determined boy! Even knocks the clay out of his "cleats"
 So I thought I'd win Aunt of the Year Award but my brother Josh got him this helmet that he still hasn't parted with yet.
My favorite guy in the whole world!

What? I'm pint sized!


  1. Baby Ruths in the gift bags is great! I love it! And, I love your blog!

    PS, Go Braves!

  2. Too freaking cute!!!


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