Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm currently doing...

- eating vanilla yogurt raisins 
 - listening to country music 
 - watching the clock tick waiting on 5 to strike
 - annoyed with an ex but what's new with that
 - thinking about getting Mexican and FROYO tonight but more excited about working out 
 - wishing I was laying on the beach soaking in the rays
 - excited about all the photo sessions I have booking up this summer and spring!!!
 - looking for airline tickets :) swoon
 - reading texts from him 
 - downloading new apps on my iPad
 - catching up on my favorite blogs
 - just remembered I didn't watch The Bacherlorette last night
 - wondering if Dodger made a mess today
 - thankful that my mom comes over every day to let D out and bring my mail in 
 - secretly hoping that I have another surprise waiting on my counter from my BFF and her hubby
{sorry JB fans he's taken :)}
{only kidding-- no need to send hate mail}
{11 more months of these coming my way}
 - looking for flights from here to there 
 - wanting my bed
 - wondering what kind of treat I'll get at the dentist.

 What are you currently doing?


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