Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The dreaded visit

I haven't been to the dentist in probably 3-4 years! GASP! I know it's horrible. They ended up making me get X-rays again since its been so long. Let me just start out by saying that those devices they put the cards that hold the pictures DOES NOT fit in my mouth! I had 18 X-rays to take and my mouth is all cut up on the inside! That should feel good now that I'm getting my teeth cleaned in a few minutes! Who makes those devices? Don't they have small ones for kids? Surely they do & they could've used that on me!

Next time I won't wait that long to get my teeth cleaned! Here's to scheduling a teeth cleaning every 6 months.

I also just found out I have one tiny cavity on my wisdom tooth. Such a sad day for me. Now I can't have a good report to tell my mom. 26 years without a cavity and now I can't say that! :(

I think I deserve a glass of wine!
I love that I just signed hundreds of consent forms and they still misspell my first name! -JennaDK

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