Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haley's First Dance Recital

 H had her first dance recital on Wednesday. She did such an amazing job dancing her little booty off! Once again she made me one proud Aunt! It was a long day of rehearsals then the actual recital and I know she was getting tired. But little Miss Sass proved she was "Fierce"! H was in two dances {one tap and the other the cutest ballerina EVER}. I was told not to bring my Canon because the ushers would ask me to leave but I did happen to video her two dances on my iPad. Not the best quality but I still got em. Ha take that you ushers! Only kidding they never even knew I was video-ing it.

During the recital I kept leaning over to talk to my sister {Jamie} just reminiscing all the dances we were in when we were H's age. Did you ever dance? Do you remember the craziness back stage changing into your next outfit? Did you mom ever pull your hair so hard and fast just to get you ready before rushing out on stage? Well, my mom sure did. We had out little caboodle's set up with thousands of bobby pins, make up galore and yes the awful aqua net hairspray! 

My mom wants to take a clogging class { all 4 of us girls- Ash {SIL}, Jamie, mom and myself} and be in the recital next year! How fun and embarrassing would that be? Who knows what the future may hold. We sure had fun dancing in our seats last night.

H- you did so great during your dances. I love you and can't wait for the many more recitals you'll be in.


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