Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

I've tried to write this post at least 5 times and each time I tried to upload pictures blogger denied me! So here I am writing my Father's Day post 2 days late! Sorry dad! It's not like you even know this blog even exists!:)

Meet Tucker. This is Dodger's lookalike!

Meet Sadie girl who has has no less than 6 surgeries in her life! The girl loves to eat EVERYTHING!! From nags of Hersey kisses to cupcakes with the paper wrapping to socks to Kung fu panda happy meal toys!

My dad loves a good low country boil! I think this is the second Fathers Day that we ended up with a huge feast like this! The flies though!!! Good Lord!

The brother who ate all the crab legs! Seriously???

The brother behind the low country boil! Also the craziest guy I've ever known who has the biggest heart!

We laugh because if you look closely my dad is wearing my moms glasses that are pink underneath with rhinestones! But all in all my dad has a sensitive heart. I'm sure he was holding back tears because my sister always knows EXACTLY what to say all the time.

Yep I have to agree "old guys rule" my dad is an amazing man. He's the backbone of my family. I've learned a lot from him growing up. - he taught me to drive. I was always so scared to drive in the car with him and even to this day he makes me nervous. I did learn to never trust a blinker! You never know when some jerk will forget he has it on. -I was taught the importance of paying my own bills. I wanted a cell phone in I think middle school {7th grade maybe} and the only way I was getting one is if I paid the $40 a month statement! Luckily for me I babysat!! - I learned to never take a car without permission! Growing up we lived on the back roads to a Walgreens and my sister took my parents suburban to pick up pictures we had printed. Well she was driving the "bus" and hit the curb pulling into the parking spot and popped the tire! I was so scared for her!!! But dad wasn't mad at all! - I learned real early how to get out of going to bed at our early bedtime. I would fake a tummy ache and lay on my dads chest while squinting my eyes to watch tv! - He taught me to eat a spoonful of butter while I watched him cook dinner. - He also used to eat raw hamburger meat! { yeah I know gross and I won't do it now } but when he would make spaghetti he would leave a little bit to much on. It was something we always did. - He taught to me love. My dad will always be my first love.

My dad is the hardest to buy for! If he needs something he goes right out to get it! We always have such a problem figuring out what to buy him! Hence the reason he is holding a 4 foot whipper snacker, the reason I bought him another big bubba cup and peanut m&ms.

The two oldest. We all can't believe ow old were getting!!

Thank you Lord for this beautiful day that my family was able to celebrate our dad!


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