Tuesday, June 26, 2012

feelings lately

Lately my heart has been so happy. 
 I'm excited for the next chapter in my life but definitely not rushing into it. 
Over the last few years I have grown up. 
 I was scared.
 I was young.
 But I also thought I was ready for marriage. 
I know now that I wasn't ready for marriage.
I always wonder what my life would be like if we stayed together.
It's crazy to see how God has worked in both of our lives.
Who we both are today.
Who we were back then.
How we're still friends even 886 miles apart. 
How every little song reminds me of him.
Why everything happened?
I'm anxious to get on that plane.
Nervous to see him at the airport.
Will I run up to him to give him a hug?
Will I have a nervous smile on my face?
What will we say to each other?
Will we act like we've always known each other?
Will the visit be the 4 days planned?
Or will I leave early?
Lord I hope and pray all will go according to your plans.
Every time I say his name my face lights up. 
My friends can hear it in my voice and see it on my face.
Why do I always see things that remind me of times spent together?
Is it meant to be?
I love how we met. 
Will we be able to tell our kids, grandkids, great grandkids, etc... the story?
These are things that are constantly running through my mind.
I can't help but to love him even now.
I'm still patiently waiting, hoping and praying.


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