Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life Happens

Dodger looks so tiny here. But this was Thursday after work. I've been leaving him out of the crate while I'm gone because he HATES the crate! I literally was having to carry him and make him get in the awful thing. Now every morning when he sees me puts my shoes on he jumps on the couch and curls up in a ball looking so cute. He hasn't gotten into too much trouble only 2 bags of treats.

The only way to get a picture of Oakley is to hold him down. But he sure loves to cuddle still. I bet he hates the Dodger is running the house throughout the day with him. Dodger grabs Oakley's tail and pulls him around the living room. Poor thing.

I finally was able to get my hair colored the prof. way! I'm still loving being a brunette and I'm not sure if I'll ever go back to being a blonde. Who knows I may have a change of heart. I've noticed a lot of celebs coloring their hair too.

{FYI::: I haven't ran all week! But I have cut out most carbs from my everyday foods. Also I'd like to know why Panera has to have the best green tea around. Its addicting and I live so close to one but it's going to kill my diet.}


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