Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly iPhone Photos

 I'm the girl you see that always has her phone in her hand.
I will not go anywhere without it.
Like most of us it's glued to our palms. Am I right?
I sleep with it next to my head {thank God for DO NOT DISTURB}, it's with me when I'm showering {sitting on the sink}, it has it's own place setting at the dinner table, its in my back pocket when shopping because lets face it sometimes you just can't find it in your purse.
I'm addicted to my iPhone.
I'm constantly checking twitter, IG and FB for any new updates even when I don't get a notification.
So with all that said here are a few of my iPhone photos from this week!
My family loves all things sweet!
& these two are no exception!
A little TCBY will never hurt anyone.
Maybe just add a few unwanted pounds & posibly make you become diabetic but we'll worry about that another day.
 Saturday Josh & I celebrated being together for 9 months.
We officially started texting each other on 10/6 but didn't become "official" until November. But since both of our birthdays fall on the 6th of the month we decided to make 10/6 the official official day!
I needed a new selfie & just realized I need to update my blog picture since I'm no longer a brunette!
My sister & I enjoyed another game under the lights last night.

Hope you're all having an amazing week!
Happy Friday Eve!

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  1. I'm totally the EXACT same way! I'm forever taking pictures with my iPhone - I LOVE IT! Plus, what a great way to capture all of the amazing memories?! Totally worth it...and totally awesome! I love that you do this, too! :)


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