Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day!

Today I want to wish every Aunt & Uncle out there a very Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day!
We are truly blessed to be called Aunt or Uncle.
My sister gave me my first & all time favorite niece 6 years & 8 months ago. Where has the time gone? I love that Haley has a lot of my traits, my sassiness & is such a sweet little girl. I love that she calls me Enna! I can't wait to watch her grow up to be a Godly lady.

Then I was blessed with my first little slugger of a nephew 2 years & 7 months ago. Boy is he going to be a little heartbreaker! He loves all things outdoors but his favorite is playing baseball. He's gentle, handsome & full of energy. I don't think he ever slows down!

To my sweet sister, thank you oh so much for blessing me with Haley & Ryne. I couldn't imagine a life without them in it. They have made our family whole & I can't wait for one day long in the future to make you an aunt! You have plenty of diapers to change, tears to dry, mouths to feed & more love than you can imagine coming your way! 

Happy National Aunt & Uncle Day to all!

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  1. this is wonderful! I can't wait to be an aunt either!

  2. Happy Auntie's Day to you! I love that people are starting to celebrate Aunts & Uncles... we're a pretty awesome bunch :)

  3. Oh my goodness! So sweet!!! I am so glad you are Aunt Enna! Haley & Ryne are very lucky to have you & I can't wait to be "Aunt Jam" :)

    Just Jam, right Mama?!

    Love you sister!

  4. Love the pictures! I love being an aunty!


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