Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Independence Day

 My 4th of July celebration started on Wednesday night at the ball field.
But not before Uncle Si could greet me at my front door.
literally scared me so bad when I opened the door.
I gave blood before the game and was given 2 free tickets, a voucher for a hot dog & drink plus a small souveneir baseball bat that I can't wait to give Ryne.
The Suns lost but the fireworks were amazing!
A sweet friend of mine was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last year and beat it. She went in for her check up a few months ago to see that it has come back. Luckily we're both O+ so I'm going to start giving blood in her name every 6 weeks since lately her platelets have been low. If you're in Jacksonville & would like to give blood in my friends name please email me
jennadkeenan {at} gmail {dot} com
Thursday we started the day off with watching White House Down.
Such a great movie and a MUST see.
Then we headed out to the beach to join in on the fun & watch the fireworks from the pier.

I'm sure you're all sick of hearing about my love for this guy but really I had no idea such a guy exsisted. I've never been in a relationship where the guy never wanted to argue, always want to love me, laughs at me & with me, encourages me, helps me get out of a bad mood, always opens the door for me, never complains, loves me for me, makes me be a better person, etc!
This love is amazing and I'm so glad he's in my life.
It's true {J} you make my heart go boom boom!
Yay for Friday & the freakin' weekend!

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  1. You are such a sweet friend! I hate giving blood but hope in this kind of situation I would be as brave as you!!

  2. Aw sounds like a great 4th of July!

  3. love that Uncle Si was included in the fun! :)

  4. Love Si! Glad you had a happy 4th of July! Wow that rhymed...haha!


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