Friday, July 12, 2013

Must Have Items

I have a few things that are my go-to, must have at all times, can't live without items!
You will never see me without my nails polished. Wether it's just a clear top coat or colored they must be painted! If not my nails chip.
I take 2 5,000 mcg of biotin every day to help my hair grow.
I received this liquid pen eye liner in my Ispy box one month and swear by it!
A cute little make up bag of course!
E.L.F. mascara
E.L.F. eyeshadow thats neutrel since I don't like my makeup to be dramatic!
The bst hand lotion I've ever used!
& of course lip balm since my lips stay dry all day!
1. Sinful Shine {Starfish} Essie {Set in Stones} Essie {All in One}
2. Loving this nail polish
3. Biotin {up & up brand}
4. Be A Bombshell eveyliner in Onyx
5. Target make up bag in the $1 bin
8. Tree Hut Renewing Hand Cream {I reviewed this hand cream by Swaggable}
{Swaggable is a site where you can tell them what new items you want to try for free & write a review about your experience.
Its free to sign up!}
Every month I also get the Ispy Glam Bag which always includes a makeup bag and 4-6 beauty products. You take a quiz so the beauty consultants know which products to send you.

          What are some things you can't live without? 

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  1. I get my first Ipsy back this month! I can't wait. It should be here any day.

    My TWO items I have to have ALL the time are chapstick and eye liner.

  2. Oh, I absolutely love EOS lip balm. It's a little addicting to be honest. I have the pink one and it's always in my purse. And I'm interested to try some of elf's makeup products. I love their brushes, though! Thanks for sharing these recommendations!


  3. My Ipsy bag shipped today did yours?????


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