Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Happenings

What a weekend!
Sami's Shenanigans
My sister is just the sweetest! She IGed these two babies with words from them!
Seriously this put tears in my eyes!
  Friday evening Jamie & I went to Home Depot to pick out new paint colors for my house. I painted an accent wall 3 years ago a little too dark and I finally got tired of my house looking dreary.
We ended up with a gray called Anonymous for my chevron wall which is yet to be painted but hopefully this weekend we'll get around to it & celery for that dark wall!
As we got in the car to leave I put my seat belt on and looked at my sister because some guy was leaning down to get out attention. Talk about totally freaked us out he wanted us to sign a petition to "medically legalize marijuana" to be placed on the ballot. Ummmm what? No thanks. & next time don't approach two girls like that again.
 Saturday after I worked my 5 hr shift I came home and started working on that wall. Thankfully my brother's girlfriend loves to paint and practically did it for me while Dodger & I supervised! :)

I'm so in love with my living room again! It's much brighter and I need to bring down this gorgeous wine rack my parents have been storing for me that match my coffee table!
Granted this picture is super dark because a storm was about to hit my house but it's much better than the dark teal!
What do you think?
Hope you all had an amazing weekend.
I have a huge announcement to make on Thursday! eeeekkk!

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  1. Total score on getting someone else to do the painting for you!! It looks great!

    Can't wait to hear your big announcement later in the week!

  2. Girl! I love when someone redoes their rooms! It's so nice!

    Can't wait to see some chevron!

  3. dude creepin' down next to my window.

    Hell no, shit would have went down.

    I am a freak like that.

    p.s. looove your room, sooo chic!

    come paint my bathroom now:)

  4. Those instagrams are so sweet! Can't wait to see your chevron wall!

  5. Bahaha As if my fat butt on the ladder wasn't bad enough on Instagram!!! UGH Thanks Jenna I owe you! It does look so much better and brighter though! I can't wait to see it once the stuff is back on the walls!



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