Friday, July 19, 2013

For all you single ladies

You know what drives me bat crazy!
When young ladies believe that if their not married by 21 they'll never find anyone.
Thats not true.
& for all the southern ladies who HAVE/WANT to be married fresh out of high school I have a few tips for you!
1. live your life.
2. make something of yourself.
3. don't settle for a life that makes you miserable
4. travel
5. keep your heart open
I always thought I'd be married RIGHT out of high school.
I thought I'd have at least 3 babies by the time I was 25
I wanted a husband so bad but didn't want to settle when I was absolutely miserable.
I had a high school on again off again sweetheart who treated me amazing but there were days I didn't want anything to do with him. I'm not exactly sure why either. He was funny, sweet, I loved his family but it just wasn't right.
Then I met a few guys who were just all kinds of wrong! Why I chose these guys I have no clue but they have taugh me what to look for in a guy. & what I don't want in a relationship.
I met a guy while I was working at the airport who lived out of state and I just knew he was the one.
But yet he was so controlling. He asked me daily why I wore a tank top to work when I work with guys. Granted I'm not one to show off the boobs, only my arms were bare. I live in Florida & its hot. Too hot to wear a tshirt so why not wear a tank! I was questioned about going out with friends. Why my hair was a certain way. blah blah blah. Seriously if you're questioning someone about that much then why are you together? Do you not trust me? I couldn't deal with it. My family knew I was misrable. They could hear it in my voice when we talked on the phone. They could see it all over my face.
Then I met J! I know it's only been 9 months. But these last 9 months have been nothing but amazing. He's everything I've been looking for. When you find the right person you just know. & thats how I feel about him. This relationship is completely different than any other relationship I've ever been in. He makes me laugh daily! He's sensitive. Easy to talk to. Loves me for me. Has a huge heart. Will stop what he's doing to help me. Has an amazing family. He's geniune. Loyal. Respects me. Trusthworthy. He wants the best for me. He makes my world go round. & I can't wait to see what the next 9 months will hold.
So ladies. If you're looking for Mr. Right and the relationships that you're in now make you absolutely miserable please don't settle. Wait for the one. It's oh so worth it! Even if it takes so much longer than you planned to find the one. God has your future planned. Don't rush it.

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  1. This is an absolutely wonderful post. Thank you. I needed to read this today.

  2. You're absolutely right! I always thought I would be married by the time I was 21. Thats the norm in the South most of the time. But I just got married 6 months ago and Im 24. I look back now and I am SO GLAD I didnt get married at 21. I was no ready at all! Everything happens for a reason.

  3. Love this! I can't wait to meet "the one"!

  4. I think she is talking about me

  5. as someone who was engaged at 18, I could not agree with this MORE! I'm 31 now and it's ridiculous what you think you know and who you think you love at such a young age. you're still changing and growing into who you are in your 20s, I can't imagine if I had kids back then. what a mess it woulda been lol

  6. Love you two!!!!!!!!!!


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