Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Its a dog's world

Do you know how hard is it to have not one but three dogs sit for you for just one picture?
I'm holding three bones in my hand demanding these three boys to sit for me.
Please just one picture!
Sit Dodger. Jimbo get over here. Duke good boy! Want this bone?
My house is not really my house.
It's filled with sandy floors. Hair everywhere. Paw prints. Dirty glass sliding window.
3 dogs who beg for attention the moment you walk in the door.
3 dogs who want to sit right on top of you no matter what kind of day you had.

You can have a bad day & they will gaurantee to make your day better.
No matter how angry I get about how dirty my house is I wouldn't change these three living with me for one moment.
Well maybe just one.
You boys are eating me out of my house.
Hope you enjoy the a/c all day.

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