Tuesday, November 13, 2012

When Life Throws a Curveball

Ever had one of those days ,eh, weeks where nothing seems to go your way? Yeah me either! NOT!
Today at work I was trying to see what my favicon looked like because Miss Allie said we were favicon twins just different colors and when I typed in my new web address {www.jennadk.com} I misspelled it and it took me to the porn site for Jenna Jami$on. I die! What the 'hail'!!!! Thanks mom & dad for naming me Jenna.
I'm still trying to keep Duke in his crate during the day. The little rascal has found a way to get out and leaves little surprises throughout my house. He's going to be the death of me.I need a full night of sleep. No interuptions. No waking up at 4 to take the dogs out or to stop them from playing. Just a full 8 hours of sleep. Please!
I forgot to pay my mortgage. Luckily I have a grace period and I was still within that date. I think!? I sure hope so. Its paid now. :/
JJ left for TX on Friday and he thought he was coming home Tuesday... nope booked a day later. I sure miss that guy!
I'm ready for the weekend to be here already and it's only Tuesday. Seriously... what the 'hail'


  1. I guess if I'm gonna blame you for that awful post I drafted up, you can blame me for looking at porn sites during the work day. I have to say that JennaDK does sound awful pornish :)

  2. ugh I do that all the time- forget to pay the mortgage, hate that!


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