Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tell me About it Tuesday

Helene in Between
Oh life!

It's November 6, 2012!
Have you voted today? If not get out and make your vote count!

Today I'm exhausted and it's only Tuesday! I have a good reason though! It was another date night. You can't have too many of those right? Yeah that's what I thought! {the walking dead, late night Wal-Mart trips for cookies, Mexican & lots of this}

 I got home at an ungodly hour and was up at 7.

Tonight I have another date with these two ladies {Allie & Kayla} via Skype. I'm super excited about this!!

My 27th birthday is exactly a month away! Big plans? Who knows. Maybe a cookout with my family... Let's hope this birthday is better than last years!

Just because they're adorable!



  1. ooo la la who you have a date night with? Glad you voted!!

  2. YAYYYYY! Date nights beat everything else :) Can't wait for tonight love! And so glad I know your birthday now :)

  3. 3:16 am??? ahh girl that's tough. thanks for linking up!

  4. Thanks for linking up today!! Following you!


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