Monday, November 26, 2012


This Thanksgiving my family started a new tradition. We usually head out of town to my grandmas for lunch but this year she came to us and we had a few family members at my brothers house on the lake. Each of us made our own side dish { I made homemade mashed potatoes }

After lunch we headed out in the paddle boats. Except the boat I was in kept going in circles because the shifter was broken!
Then Jamie hijacked my phone.
Seriously. I say this all the time but why can't she stay little forever?

We planned our Black Thursday/Friday Shopping.

Saw this while coming home from J's. I guess he's the "lil toaster"?
& of course we forgot to take a picture on Thanksgiving so this was on Black Friday :)

Hey Batman. I mean Dodger.

Yours truly! I had 2 photo sessions before the FL/FSU game.

Yes we tae pictures everywhere. These ladies make me laugh. Even after a hard day. {L to R: Katie, Kim, Rylee, me & Molly} We all grew up together in church.
We had another craft night. A complete disaster of a project but we made it work!

Then we saw the "hot not" sign on! Oops! Hey it was the weekend. Who cares. Lets just say when the 4 of us girls are together there is never silence. We seriously crack up at each other the entire time.

My Favorite Sister In Law {my only SIL}

The weekend ended with the JAGS winning!!! J & I went on a double date.{dinner & Breaking Dawn part 2}

He makes my heartbeat. I'm crazy for him. {see that dimple?} Yep he's mine!

Here's to it only being MONDAY!



  1. Hi Jenna:
    Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. I have teenagers now, so I understand the desire to keep 'em young.

    I wanted to say thank you for liking my FB page as part of the Living in Yellow massive giveaway - at least I am assuming that is the reason and not because of my wit and charm.

    It is Nice to meet you and I look forward to reading more through bloglovin' (just became your first follower).
    Kim from Two Martini Lunch

  2. looks like so much fun!!! the dog is way too cute!

  3. Love this post! ;)


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