Friday, November 16, 2012


Last night J & I were talking about what annoys us the most or what we're afraid of. I guess I'm a little CRAY CRAY with what I'm afraid will happen. Please let me know if any of you feel the same way & leave what your afraid of in the comments so I'm not the only one.


-dragging your feet instead of picking them up each step. Come on you can't be that lazy.

-when people drive under the speed limit.

-commercials on the radio.


- I recently became afraid of driving over bridges. Grant it I don't freak out but the entire time while I'm on said bridge I think about the could happen. What if this bridge collapsed while I'm on it? How does all this cement stay suspended over the water?

-I won't get in water that you can't see in. Yes I live in Florida and my family owned a condo on the beach growing up. Every summer we spent the week there and I always got in at least knee deep. I once was in deep conversation with a friend holding onto a raft and we drifted so far out that neither of us could feel the ocean floor. My dad knocked me off a jet ski in a lake and jokingly wouldn't come get me. I cried. Big tears. I was 16. Who cares. Get me out of this water.

-I constantly think about tall buildings and if they'll collapse. Blame it on 9/11 or not but how in the heck do these 100 year old buildings stay standing? The earth shifts so how does the slab its built on not crack?

I don't like it when someone is running up behind me. IE; up the stairs, into a house, etc...

Do y'all think I'm crazy yet?

-I'm not afraid of the dark although when I was younger I always had a night light or left the bathroom light on.

-I'm not afraid to be alone. Like sleeping at home alone maybe because I have Dodger? Possibly.

Please tell me I'm not alone here. I don't want to prove J right. Not just yet!


  1. Won't get in water I can't see thru, scared to DEATH of snakes, always things someone is behind me, used to check in the closets and behind the shower curtain when I got home and cannot watch a scary movie to save my life. JB makes fun of me like for real. :(


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