Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend fun!

Its no secret that I'm a Jaguars fan but it's getting so hard to be excited for these games since we keep losing. So I try to make the most out of supporting them.

We (my brother, SIL & sister or dad) always ride out bikes down the river walk and just really enjoy the outdoors. We spotted Khans boat, eh I mean yacht! Holy smokes that thing is huge!

I even had a special visitor in my section :) be still heart.

Yesterday started off crummy. I thought Oakley got outside for about 2
hours and then we he finally came out from hiding I was over joyed. Let's just say I did the ugly cry while searching for him for those 2 hours.

Then I forgot my jags ticket at home. Luckily I live 5 minutes from the stadium so the brother who lives with me {JK1} was able to bring it to me.

The jags lost. No big surprise.

Then Duke decides to crawl under the back deck. Talk about total freak out! I started tearing the lattice off to get to him. Treats didn't even work. Thank God he finally came out about 30 minutes later!

I'm getting another roommate today. I'm excited but nervous at the same time!

I went on a double date Friday! :) we saw Flight.

Saturday I finally cleaned my car. Went shopping with JJ and out to lunch. The entire day was perfect. He's so amazing! Opens my car door for me. {that's huge in my book} I'm loving life! Here's to many more dates with him!



  1. SO glad you're happy!!!

  2. Love you and I agree with K, SO glad you are happy :)

  3. looks like a fun time!!

    cute blog you have :)


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