Monday, November 19, 2012

iPhone Dump

This weekend I was probably the most productive I have been in a while. I started the weekend off with JJ stoping by until the wee hours of the morning. Nothing is better than spending time with him.
We then had a painting party at Katie's to complete her room. {remember we made a headboard and curtains last }
Oh wait... theres a normal Kim.
Hey June! We seriously crack up at Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. I mean who wouldn't?
 Maybe I should partake in that? Yes that sounds like a good idea.
When you get these 4 BFFs together.... theres always trouble.
Yes we go out in public with paint weekendall over us....ALL DAY LONG. Who's judging anyway?
{Maybe Kim can learn to take a normal picture? Yeah probably not}

Then it was off to make a bunch of Christmas crafts with Katie. We made the cutest burlap banner for my photog sessions this coming weekend, a glitter reindeer head and a twine tree. All courtesy of Pinterest.

oh Werrrps! Easy fix no worries it no longer says "YOJ"

Everybody wants them some Hostess goodies. Did y'all see on eBay where someone has bid $150 + for some doughnuts.
...And this is every night. Dodger is cuddled right up against my knees! I guess they were all cold?
Hope y'all have a great weekend. Bring on a 3 day work week! I'm so ready for a long break away from work.

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  1. I spent the weekend Christmas crafting as well!! Looks like yours turned out very nicely. Happy Monday, girlie :)


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