Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Blonde? Brunette? Ombre?

I was looking through all of my FB albums and found a picture from when I was super blonde.

So... here is where I need help! Should I stay a brunette? Where its super easy to maintain....or should I go back blonde?


Or.... should I go ombre?

Katie says ombre, Kim & Amber say blonde & J says whatever makes me happy as long as I have hair. See why I need your help!




  1. I really like the blonde, it brightens up your face and your brown hair isn't very dark to begin with. I love the idea of ombre but unless your getting it done by someone who is really good at it, it has the possibility of turning out really bad lol. I've seen a few girls with really awful ombre hair, like it doesn't fade enough or is just dark and blonde.

  2. And why didn't you text me and get my opinion? I think you should stay brunette! I think asked Joshua and he said Ombre...that is after I explained to him what Ombre was.

  3. I think stay brunette... and YEAH.. where was mine and Allie's text opinion............ skank. :)

  4. OMBRE! Try something different. The blonde was way over done.


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