Thursday, November 29, 2012

Its OK....

Today I'm linking up again with Amber & Neely
Its ok... that I can't hang with the best of them. Like J- he's a night owl because he works the late shift and I always fall alseep while we watch our shows together.
Its ok... that I was completely delirious last night after waking up for a "15 minute" nap that turned into an hour.
Its ok... that I found some really great Cyber Monday deals and I'm officially Aunt of the Year.
It's ok... that my nephew will be 3 tomorrow!
No thats not ok!
But he's super excited about his baseball park party! That boy always has a bat, glove and ball in his hands at all times!
Its ok... that the week is almost over! Where did this week go anyways?
Its ok... that my birthday is one week from today! I can't believe I'm one year closer to 30 but don't look a day older than 18. I have good genes. Shoot me now! :)
Whats OK with you this week?

1 comment:

  1. So jealous that you a have a little nephew to shop for! My mom and I were just noticing at Thanksgiving that we don't have any little kids in the family right now... they are the best to shop for!


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