Thursday, November 15, 2012

Its ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
No seriously its ok it's almost the weekend.
I'm linking up again with Amber & Neely for another segment of ''its ok Thursday" because really its ok!
...its ok that I don't have any vaca or PTO left I'll just take a day off without pay. I really need a vacation!
...its ok that I only got 3 hours of sleep last night. At least I was in good company.
...its ok that I hit traffic this morning coming into work. I was only 2 minutes late. Take that Buckman.
...its ok that Allie now calls me PS. Inside joke if you don't know me that well. Or you can go here to see that post.
...its ok because this month I get 3 paychecks.
...its ok that I only have 4 more working days until Thanksgiving. Bring on the honey baked ham and fried turkey.
...its ok that my house is a wreck at least I have a new roomie.
...its ok that I wasn't home last night and the pups had to sleep with my brother. At least he got a taste of how every night is for me. {play, kick, bark, wake up at 4 am, repeat}
...its ok to get hit on at the store while wearing yoga pants, a big t-shirt and no makeup. It made me feel good. Except not really. I was ready to see J.
...its ok to miss someone after only knowing them for a few weeks right? Ok good glad we all agree.
...its ok because its THURSDAY!


  1. FINALLY! :) Just kidding PS and yes totally acceptable to miss someone after only a few weeks. I miss JB like crazy and I saw him this morning. With this new job of his, he can't text as often and its a little hard to get used to!

  2. Hi! found saw your ad on Allie's blog and thought I'd check out your blog. glad i did, so cute!!

    It's totally ok to just take a vaca for the hell of it! ;)

  3. yess all those things are ok. And I like getting hit on if im looking interesting, as long as it's not creepy!


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