Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend, where'd you go?

If I was the type to drink Starbucks every morning I think I'd order my coffee with 5 extra shots!
Pumps? I have no idea how to order but I need something strong.
Nothing beats having to be at work early on a Monday early for a darn meeting.
 A pointless meeting at that.
But anyways happy Monday.
The Gators won. The Jags lost.
Oh well. The weather was amazing.
Breezy! We decided to eat at Cracker Barrel instead of buying stadium food. I brought boiled peanuts and ended up selling a bag and made $3. too funny.
The Jags have this new Khan Crave with a bunch of tvs, gaming center, lazy boys, etc so we ended the day there and watched some girl wearing a short skirt almost showing her "goods" make out with some guy who may or may not have been her boyfriend. Who knows but it was absolutely disgusting.
Ryne met Ryne! I can't wait to hear his story about meeting him & getting to go to a Braves game!

 All in all it was a great weekend.
I'm just ready for Friday to be here again!
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  1. How fun that he got to meet the person he was named after! I could go for extra caffeine today, too!

  2. Oh my goodness how cute is that little guy!!
    I am totally with you.. two things I hate is girls who dressy super sexy or skanky in general but especially at a football game and people who make out in public EWW!


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