Monday, October 7, 2013


Long time no blog!
This weekend was our one year anniversary!
Sunday the 6th to be exact.
We started the weekend off with a Light the Night City Ride around our town.
The weather felt amazing.
I worked Saturday morning and missed Ryne's first tee ball game.
But the little slugger hit the ball twice, once without the tee and ran all the way around to home plate.
Of course he wanted to know if his team won- they don't keep score this young- but we told him yes so he was super excited!
Josh & I headed to St. Augustine to one of his favorite restaurants. It's called Gas Full Service Restaurant & everything is farm grown right in town. I had the most delicious blackened grilled chicken topped with fried green tomatoes, bacon and some type of white sauce! It's mouth watering good.
 Since we were already in St. A I wanted to show Josh where I grew up going every summer.
My family had a condo on the beach that we went to every year & right down the street is what we called "the blow hole". When it's high tide the water hits these rocks and shoots up into the air.

 We were there during low tide so he didn't get to experience the water shooting up but we walked all over these rocks just admiring the beauty of it all.
 Then we found this heart!
Seriously! How perfect was this!
 This year has been my favorite of all time.
I'm so thankful that a mutual friend connected us.
I love everything about this man that I believe God made me for.
He makes me crack up every single day, encourages me to be a better person, stands by my side and has been my best friend & I can't wait to see what our future holds.
I've said this before but our relationship has been so different than any of the ones I've ever been in.
That's proof that you shouldn't rush into your future. Be patient & let God put someone in your life He has made for you. I thank God every single day for Josh.
We ended our weekend with an hour massage, dinner & a movie. {Gravity}

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  1. I am loving that gameday dress! Perfect for UVA games here! Sounds like a great weekend lady!

  2. What a beautiful weekend!! Happy anniversary. You are right... sometimes waiting for the right one is the only way to go!!
    Missy x

  3. Woohoo! Happy Anniversary lady! :)

  4. Is your dress Blue/Red or Blue/Orange.. I need it either way! Where from??/

  5. Happy Anniversary! You looked beautiful and It seems like yall had a great time!!

  6. Happy Anniversary gorgeous couple!
    I cannnnot wait for your wedding day in the (very near) future:)


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