Friday, September 27, 2013

Just a boy & his ball

 Well, he made the tee ball team!
Which didn't surprise us since this boy lives for baseball!
The coaches and even director were impressed with what he knows for just being 3.
I'm so proud of this little guy and how far he's come from crying in baseball to these pictures below.
He takes this game serious.
Always ready for the ball.
Holds the bat the correct way.
& always makes sure mommy has his balls, glove, bat and helmet with her "just in case"!
He's on his way to meet the guy he was named after right now!
Ryne Sandberg is now a coach with the Phillies & they're playing the Braves tonight.
I can't wait for my sister to flood my text messages with pictures.
She even bought batting practice tickets & 8x10 pictures of Sandberg to have the little dude get signed!
I'm so excited for you!
You're my favorite little guy & I love playing ball with you every chance we get!
You're going to do amazing this tee ball season & I can't wait to watch you play the sport that you absolutely love.

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  1. Those pictures are so dang cute! Congrats to him!

  2. These pictures are adorable!!

    At that age do they really have to try out and "make" the team? Seems so harsh for such young kids if they don't make it!

  3. Seriously, could he be any cuter??


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