Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day without laboring

Hello September!
3 day weekends are amazing & should be every week not just on holidays!
I started my weekend off at the gym.
& today I plan on going again & again tomorrow & so on.
I ended my weekend with this gorgeous sunset.
& if you know anything about me I'm not a fan of bridges. Especially this one.
Sunday I was supposed to meet my moms cousin but he ended up making other plans at the last minute. RUDE!
The a/c in my car has decided to quit during the hottest days of the year!
Nothing like sweating the entire hour drive out of town.
{nothing a little Freon couldn't fix}
  J & I enjoyed a picnic in Palm Coast on the intercoastal, a pool to ourselves & lots of laughter.
We watched a ton of boats go by, jet skiers & wished we were on a jet ski ourselves.

My uncle took us to this European Village in Palm Coast for yogurt.
I loved this quaint little area. Its a huge circle with stores below & apartments adorn with their own balcony.

I definitely paid for both of these treats over the weekend.
One gave me a horrible migraine while the other had too many calories to count.
Thankfully Josh took care of me for the 4 hours I was completely out of it.
I have no idea what I'd do without him.

 All in all it was an amazing weekend. I was sad to see it go especially since I couldn't sleep last night. Someone likes to watch tv a bit too loud but I won't name any names :)
Hey guess what!
We missed Monday!
Got to love a short 4 day work week!

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  1. I love these photos! And I agree, every weekend should be a 3 day weekend. :)

  2. Those PSL are getting me. I think I am on #5 already!

  3. Looks like you did have a good weekend :)

    And you're right... Four day weeks are so much better than 5!


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