Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Is it really Monday again? Do I really have to go back to work after being off for the past 5 days? Shoot on over to MckMama's page who is home of the Not Me Monday's where we all confess to what we really did not do.

This is not my second attempt to write my Not Me Monday post. I did not try to type it in WORD on the airplane then to have my laptop die on me. I was not able to see that my laptop was indeed dying because I was not busy multitasking! After my laptop died (in the first 15 minutes of my 2 hour flight) I was not watching The Italian Job on my iTouch and it did not die either! So what in the world was I to do to occupy my time? I did not pull out the book that AJ got me for my birthday and be consumed with everything it was not telling me to help me learn to have a better relationship. I am not enjoying my relationship with AJ anymore than I could be. We have not had an amazing time with each other either. Nope, Not Me...

I did not leave work early on New Years Eve to catch a flight to go visit AJ. I also did not see Vin Diesels look alike sitting 3 seats away from me in the terminal. And He did not end up sitting right next to me on the plane. Why would a guy like him want a middle seat anyway? I wasn't going to give up my window seat head rest for him to enjoy the first 40 minute flight to Tampa.

I couldn't have been excited about God blessing me with snow while I was in Telford, PA! Who in the world would enjoy being in snow? It was not the most beautiful sight that I remember when it did not snow in Florida back in 1989! I was not only 3 years old and I do not remember that day to a tee! My parents did not dress my brothers, sister and myself with layers of clothing and socks for gloves then either. When I finally got all my clothes on I did not say on camera, "Mommy I have to go pee." I did not relive that day while I watched the snow fall. Nope, not me...

I did not go to the mall with AJ's sister to return a few items that she got for Christmas. And I did not almost slip in the parking lot due to the snow ice on the ground. I did not manage to catch myself from falling. Who wears heels in the snow anyways? Not me!!! Nope, not me...

Of course I did not spend New Years with AJ, his brother, and mom in their basement playing Hit the Deck and Phase 10! We did not have such a great time that AJ almost forgot to kiss me at midnight! I definitely can wait to see what this year has in hold for my future with AJ. Nope, not me...

AJ and I did not go see Marley & Me on Saturday night to have bawled our eyes out at the end of the movie. I mean I was not hysterically sobbing. Who cries like a baby in a movie theater? I also certainly did not hear others sniffing back the snot running out of their noses. Gross!!! Nope, not me...


  1. You guys look soo cute.

    And, the guy in the airport was a look a like and on the plane was the real thing?

  2. He really did sit next to me but it wasn't the real Vin Diesel! Just his look alike! I would've gotten a better picture if it really was him! haha

  3. you are a brave girl to be walking in heels in the ice! ;)~ especially to be a southern girl!

    my man almost forgot to kiss me too!...i was just looking at him and he was like, "what!?"

    boys...ugh...what are we gonna do with them?!

    vin diesel look a like kinda looks like chris daughtry too!


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