Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Omelet in a Bag???

Tonight as I was stalking all my favorite blogs I came across this! An omelet in a bag! Seriously? What? Gross! Who was I kidding???? This omelet is the best I've ever had. Lucie was blogging today about what she has for breakfast and yes she had this simple recipe posted. Well not really a recipe but directions on how to make this omelet in a bag! If you have 15 minutes you'll have a delicious meal in no time! You'll never have to worry about the perfect shape of your omelet again!

~Mix your egg
~Put into a ziplock bag.
~2 eggs/person.
~Toss in the ingredients you want.
~Seal it.
~Boil water.
~Put it in for 15 minutes
~Open the bag
~It slips onto the plate.

Yes so easy anyone can make this! You'll never have to worry about what to make for breakfast.lunch.dinner again! Its also fun to watch the raw egg turn into an omelet!



  1. I am definitely going to try that when I need a little protein tonight! Do you use a regular Ziploc bag, or a thicker freezer bag (I usually buy the cheap ones and I'm afraid it will melt!)?

  2. the cheap ziplock bags will work just fine! maybe this can be your foody friday!!!!

  3. I am so excited about this it's ridiculous! I'm gonna try mixing a bag up tonight and having it ready for Papa Bear to boil in the am!!

  4. yay for the omelette in a bag! woohoo!

  5. Paula Dean had this on her show not too long ago- I haven't tried it yet but they looked awesome and its a quick way to cook eggs for a lot of people and every one gets what they want :)

  6. Thats crazy Lindsey because I loved watching Paule Dean but had to give up on the cooking shows because it always made me hungry! So I resorted to the Blog world...where there's still talk of food! haha


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