Tuesday, January 27, 2009

3 Boys...What a blessing

Tonight I was blessed to be able to watch these 3 sweet boys-Camden (51/2), Christian (4), and Cayson (8 months). Let's just say I had my hands arms full. Cayson loves to be held. Anytime I would put him on the full to play he would play for a little bit then realize he wanted to be loved on. Camden and Christian both played rowdy! But what else did I expect when you have 2 boys around the same age? I didn't. I was ready for the fun.

Chris and Tabitha both thought I was insane for wanting to watch their blessings tonight. I told them I was prepared and perparing myself for when I have babies one day. So for now their blessings were my only shot at doing so.

We put puzzles together, played chutes & ladder, scrabble, and connect four! Lets just say they were cheating like crazy but it didn't really matter. I lost in all the games by the way! We ate cookies, drank milk, and watched movies. I missed American Idol tonight but I had too much fun with the boys that I didn't even realize what time it was.

My arms feel like jello from Cayson falling asleep so I'm guessing thats where Tabitha gets her muslces. I would watch those 3 sweet boys again any day. They were so full of life and love for each other. This is one sweet family with God working in their lives everyday!

How'd you spend your Tuesday night?

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  1. I love the youngest paci/dummy. He looks so cute! x.


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