Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 Random things about ME

I've been tagged a few times on facebook by some friends so I figured I'd go ahead and let everyone know 25 random things you didn't know about me. In no particular order, here are the 25 things that come to mind.

1. I only wear Buckle jeans. Yes, I know their jeans are expensive but they are the only ones that fit me right!

2. I almost never buy clothes full-priced. (except jeans)

3. I once babysat in the Bahamas with a family. They paid my trip, souvenirs and $ for watching their two horrible, demon sweet boys.

4. My boyfriend and I met when I worked at the airport almost 2 years ago.

5. I have the gift of giving.

6. I own a .38 revolver with pink handles.

7. I'm lactose intolerant but still eat cheese.

8. Deep down inside I wish I was married with a baby on the way. That is probably because so many people I know are expecting.

9. I have a puppy named Lola but she sleeps with my parents.

10. I have been getting my nails done since middle school.

11. I gag every time I brush my teeth.

12. I love clean sheets and sleep like a baby when they are clean.

13. I hate cleaning my room and putting my clothes away. (you should see my room right now. I hate to say this but I still haven't unpacked since New Years)

14. I wear heels almost everyday of my life.

15. Target is my favorite store.

16. I shared a room with my sister Jamie for 13 years.

17. I drink an XS energy drink every morning to get me going.

18. I'm a morning person but I go to bed early.

19. I've never had a surprise birthday party.

20. I shave my arms. If not I will have really hairy arms like my dads!

21. I took a cake decorating class this past summer and can make amazing icing you'll die for!

22. I suffer from migraines but only in certain seasons. (winter and summer)

23. I wear vaseline on my lips and eyelids every night.

24. I have my phone with me 24/7!

25. I accepted Jesus as my Savior when I was 13 but I struggle everyday still.

What are some random things about you?


  1. So cute!! You need to post a pic of you and your .38!;)

  2. YOu sound a *bit* like me in the clean sheets, caffiene, target area! Cool list!


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