Monday, January 12, 2009

Barefoot MedSpa

As I was about to lock up the doors for the close of business hours today at work these 2 ladies came walking in. To my surprise they were not soliciting stuff I could care less about, instead they were selling 3 days at this spa. The good part about it, it's worth $500 but they were selling them for $60! Holy smokes! Ok so whats the catch? NOTHING!

My first visit I get the Petite Spa Facial. This is a 30 minute session. It helps cleanse skin, skin analysis, gentle exfoliation, mask, toning, and moisturize.

2nd visit is the 30 minute Upper Body Massage. Its a skin deep relation with this neck, back, and shoulder Swedish Massage. What could be more relaxing than that?

And the 3rd visit is my choice of Acupuncture or Microdermabrasion. I could never imagine the acupuncture so I will definitely be getting the microdermabrasion. This is a skin-smoothing treatment that goes beyond the normal facial by physically exfoliating the surface of my skin to bear perfection using tiny micro-particles. Microdermabrasion, normally done as part of a series, can diminish acne, scarring, sun damage, fine lines and return my skin to a healthy youthful glow without use of chemicals!

I'm super excited about my day at the spa that I have 4 months to use!


  1. That is incredible! I'm so jealous!;)

  2. oh I need to get me some of that! I wonder what acupuncture would feel like?!

  3. A lot of needles poking your skin! I don't think I could tolerate that even though its on your pressure points!

  4. too cool! enjoy your spa days - what a deal!!

  5. I work at an Acupuncture Medical Center and I have still NEVER had it done. They keep pushing it but eeeeeeeeeep! I'm jealous, I've never been to a spa.


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