Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To You!

Why not have this sweet girl sing Happy Birthday to You? Such a sweet voice and cute face. I love her so much.

**Sorry for the quality but I had so much trouble trying to get this video to upload. I ended up videoing it on my phone then sending it to my email! aghh I hate technology!


  1. what a talent. She is so cute

  2. my bday is aug 19th and I will be

    BTW--Loving your new profile pic hottie!

  3. How sweet! Is this your niece?

    I second the new profile picture! You are absolutely gorgeous! I might just have to use it for MY profile picture! Ha!

  4. Your new profile picture is so pretty!

    It is birthday on the 8th Feb - I will have your niece sing this to me then. Have a good weekend! xxx.


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