Sunday, December 28, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here it is Monday again! After being off work for the past 4 days I have a lot of what I didn't do this week. Luckily for me I only have 2 1/2 days of work this week!! Thats something to be very happy about. So what did you now do this week?

Here goes nothing....

This was not my first Christmas not having my brothers and sisters at my parents house. We did not all pack our presents and head to Starke to be with my sister and her husband along with Haley on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought! Haley was not excited at all over her new kitchen, easel, tickle me Elmo, and all her food that she got. Her reaction to pulling everything out of her stocking was not ridiculously cute and I seriously did not capture it on camera.

I did not spend 6 hours at the St. Johns Town Center the day after Christmas to see what great deals they had. I found such great deals and almost spent all my money on 4 items from Target. What the heck!!! I thought all the stores were supposed to be having this fabulous sale since the economy is so bad.

See this 38mm revolver?

I am not the proud owner of it at all!!!!! I certainly cannot wait to go to the shooting range with it to try her out! Now I need to hurry and get my application in the mail for the Concealed Weapons License!

Since AJ got me the iTouch for Christmas I have not downloaded almost every application there is to download. I found this awesome application called iFood and since I love to bake I did not find this yummy dessert and I certainly did not make this on Saturday. I mean how can anyone want to bake anymore after eating so much junk this season? Well this dessert was calling my name. Brownie S'mores!!! It was so easy to make. I won't be posting the recipe because I know nobody wants to try it out.

And last but certainly not least I am not going to Philly on Wednesday to be with AJ for New Years! I have not checked the weather every time I got on the internet to see if it was going to snow. I'm not completely excited about it snowing Friday & Saturday while I'm there! AGHHH!!! Now only if the weather channel is correct. Hello people I'm not excited because I live in Florida & it's been 70+ degrees here the past week or two. I'm ready for the cold & to be bundled up!

I probably will be posting while I'm up north since I hardly ever see AJ and his family but I definitely will not be checking everyone's blog because I'm not completely consumed with your lives!

Now go on over to MckMama's blog to read more Not Me Mondays! It'll help you relieve stress of what you did not do!
Happy New Year everyone and God Bless!

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