Monday, November 24, 2008

this stupid tv.....

Many of you don't know but I used to work for an airline called AirTran. I quit because it was just too stressful on me having to wake up at ungodly hours (2:30a.m) to get ready for work a 10 hour shift. Considering I had to deal with delayed/canceled flights, unruly passengers, flight attendants who thought they were better than the gate agents, and oh yes the missing luggage. Well on this particular day I met AJ. My airline lost his luggage for not one day but 4 whole days! It was love at first site and here we are almost 2 years (April)later still dating. Well he's from the Philly area-did I mention that already? So we're having an 885 miles apart relationship. Yes we have our days that are wonderful but we also have our down days like today.

AJ came to visit 2 weekends ago and it just so happened that one of my moms clients was selling his 65' big screen HD tv and it was only $300.What a steal!!!! But its what I now call the "stupid tv" but I'll get to that in a few. This is my blog and I can write whatever right? Ok so the tv is almost 5 years old, has picture in picture, and is in great condition - but when AJ was here he didn't want to inconvenience my dad by using the motorcycle trailer to haul it back to PA so now he's adamant that he's coming this Friday to get it and going straight back home.

Did I also mention that my family is going to Disney World for Thanksgiving?

This is one reason why my parents and I are against this idea. But AJ whats his tv! AGHHH.... its like I'm talking to a 5 year old telling him he can't have candy on Halloween! Like I said this is my blog!!!

The second reason is that we have two dogs! One enormous Saint Bernard named Khloe and one little tiny Peke poo named Lola who love to sneak outside to catch the stray cat! If you missed this post check out our dogs!

Well now as the night as progressed, AJ no longer wants to come get his tv because he sees how much we don't want him to get it this weekend. I keep telling him that I'm tired of hearing about the stupid tv to just come get it! Who cares if we're not in town and the dogs get out. No biggie right?!?

I'm starting to get the idea like MckMama and Kingdom Twindom have. Not to have a tv in the house! I love that idea!!! We shall see how this ends with AJ coming to get the tv. Stay tuned!

Oh here's the dreaded for tv.

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