Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Me Monday!

Here comes another Not Me Monday. What a great way to start out the week by getting a load off my chest! Remember to link back to MckMama's blog, then sign up on Mr.Linky and read everyone else's post! Don't forget the rules! So here it comes....

I did not miss Thanksgiving with my Grandma, Aunts, Uncles and cousins just to go to Disney World with my parents, sister, brothers, and Haley! Who would want to miss out on eating all that turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, pumpkin pie and all the other yummy foods in between! That is not me you see in the pictures below!

I did not laugh at my boyfriend for driving 12 hours to get his big screen tv to find out it did not fit in his parents big van! That would mean I'm a horrible girlfriend! And I most certainly did not offer the tv to my sister and brother because its not my tv!

I also did not fall asleep at work for 15 minutes. I go to bed every night around 9:30 so that would mean I get enough sleep right?

When Jamie took me into IKEA on Friday I did not spend all my money on a desk and lamp for my room. I did not have any money left over to be able to buy Christmas gifts. That would mean I'm a compulsive buyer and that is not me!

My attire for Disney did not include a sweater vest, scarf, jeans and heels! Why would anyone walk about a theme park with heels on? That's just crazy if you ask me. Even if the shoes I bought on sale at Target are so comfortable I would never consider wearing them for hours on end! My brother Josh and brother-in-law Joe did not bet that I would complain that my feet hurt by 12! They also both lost because I finally complained at 4 that I need to buy some Mickey Crocs if I could find my size. I dealt with my heels all day though!

Alright looks like that's all my Not Me Mondays post! I hope you all got a good laugh at me! Hope ya'lls week goes by smoothly! I can't believe my birthday is only 6 days away. Doesn't even seem possible since I missed out on Thanksgiving dinner!

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  1. So something I would do at Disney. I will make note of that when I go in a few weeks. The TV not fitting in the Van was awesome!


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