Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

It wasn't me who said in Toys R Us loudly for the parents who lost their child needed to either hold their hand or put them in the buggy. I mean you do know its Christmas time and everyone is out shopping. Its a toy store and you know your kids will be running around. Please keep your eyes on them!

It definitely wasn't me who gave Haley a Christmas present early just to see her huge smile! Christmas is only a few weeks away so why would I be so eager for her to have it now. She definitely doesn't have enough toys already.

I'm not going to Disney World on Thanksgiving day. Not me! I'm not excited to see Haley enjoy herself while she finally gets to see Mickey. I didn't go out and buy a Flip Mino video camera just to catch every single moment with her. And the camera isn't a gift for the parents of Haley once Christmas arrives. And it's not me who loves to buy for Haley and her mommy. I didn't spend over $60 in Old Navy for Haley to have the brightest clothes for her Christmas pictures. But everything wasn't on sale so I didn't get a bunch of items.

It wasn't me who cleaned up the kitchen tonight after dinner. I'm not that great of a daughter to clean up after my parents. I'm not the only one who still lives at home.

I'm definitely not writing out my Not Me! Monday on Sunday night because I don't think tomorrow I will find time. It's not like I have a lot to do before Thursday gets here. Oops don't tell on me! (seriously)

Now go on over to MckMama's blog to read more Not Me! Mondays! You'll get a laugh at almost all of them!


  1. Aww..its so hard to hold on to those christmas presents when you KNOW they'd love it!

  2. I have NEVER given Christmas gifts early either!!

  3. i also DID NOT write my not me's on Sunday night! so funny...and say hi to mickey for me!

  4. i also DID NOT write my not me's on Sunday night! so funny...and say hi to mickey for me!

  5. Yep, Sunday night here too. I mean, NOT Sunday night!;)

    Loved your Not Me!s


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