Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Take me out to the ball game

Last night was a beautiful night for a ball game!

This is probably my favorite picture and will treasure it forever!
I've said it a million times before but he LOVES baseball! He goes no where without that ball and glove! & he MUST always wear a baseball shirt!
Who cares that this is a Jeter Jersey we thrifted it and will be getting a ton more!

Hey G Daddy lets throw the ball!

& lets talk about Haley with a hat on! I love it!
Me taking her picture she doesn't love though.
I almost got my phone privileges taken away by her again!
What's a ball game without Blue Bell ice cream!!!

At the end of the night I was walking to the car with Ryne and he was extra whiney since it was late and he didn't want to walk. Jamie told him he had to walk. But that doesn't fly with his favorite aunt! I picked him up & told him it was because he was so cute! He informed me that he was handsome instead!
Oh how I love that boy so much!

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