Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog Rescue 911

I'm the yard all the lost dogs come to. Just this month I've found 2 pups without their collar on.
Luckily for the owners I don't want to see these dogs on the side of the road so I always take them in to see if I can locate where they live. Both times have been successful but not without a little TLC from me.
My mom goes to my house every day to let my two pups out. Well yesterday Duke & Dodger were barking like crazy on the side of my house. Little did she know there was a lost dog coward in the corner shaking.
3 hrs later my manager lets me leave early to check on this lost pup! When I got home he was still in the same corner so I knelt down and called him over to me. He was the sweetest, most gentle pit bull I've encountered. I went inside to get him food & water but when I went back outside he was half way down the street. 
I had to leave for Haley's program at church & when I got back home there he was running back down the street to me at full force. This baby needed me & I needed to take care of him.
We loaded up in the car and drove around for an hour looking for his owner. I posted a few pictures on FB & an ad on craigslist but no luck!

{meet Jimbo aka Roscoe & Baby}
My last resort in finding his owner was to check the next morning to see if he was microchipped!
Luckily for me he was! I called the owner who sounded like a young girl to let her know I found her dog! She didn't seem too excited. He lives about 10 miles from me so my only guess is someone stole him and dropped him off in my neighborhood. Or maybe the owner forgot he was chipped and did it herself. Who knows but when she comes to pick him up tonight I'm going to observe his mannerisms towards her & if he seems scared I'm going to ask her if she even wants him.
Because even though having 3 pups at home is way too much I don't want to know a dog is being abused & I let him go back to that house.

Duke, Dodger & Jimbo got along so great last night. All 3 slept in my bed & at one point last night I woke up with Jimbo's head laying on the small of my back!
I think he needs me!

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  1. Awww soooo freaking cute!

  2. Oh my gosh yes PLEASE make sure that the owner even wants him! It doesn't really sound like she does! If someone found on of my babies they would be able to tell how torn up I had been! You are such a sweet soul for taking such good care of him :)>

  3. Hi Jenna, Saw your blog on You have a very interesting blog site. How long have you been blogging?




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