Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites

This morning I overslept.
Nothing like starting off a Friday morning in a hurry.
Luckily I was only late for a Health meeting at work.
Which was all about stress!
I'm loving everything about Stella & Dot!
My sweet friend Hallie is my stylist for the party I'm hosting online!
There's so many beautiful pieces I want!
Are you a Stella & Dot fan?

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I'm loving life at the moment!
It's all about the little things.
Like seeing this status from my sister last night.

I'm loving this short work week!
Why can't every week be 4 days?
If we all did work 4 days would we still complain and only want to work 3?
I'm loving all the ladies who signed up to receive a June Hello Box!
For those of you that want to sign up you have 1 day left to do so.
For those that have already signed up make sure you come back tomorrow to see who you're paired with!
I'm loving my 3 crazy pups. Well 1 I'm not too crazy about.
He's blonde.
& ate another hole in my brothers leather couch!
Happy Friday!!

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  1. ahhhhhh. so excited to be your stylist! :):)

    The pup, with the couch story, priceless.

    He could probably be Tally's twin.

  2. If you do a July one I will sign up for it? As I am away most of June! I giggled a little that you were late for a meeting on stress when you were probably stressed about being a little late anyhow!


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