Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bahamas Part 2

Tuesday we arrived in Nassua, Bahamas for an entire day of laying on the white sands, wading in the blue water, walking around town, being asked if we wanted to smoke weed, eating at McDonalds & lots of drinking.

Josh & I actually didn't even get in the water and now I'm mad at myself for that.
It was a gorgeous day.
We even watched another cruise ship come into port from the beach.

That's the guy who asked us if we wanted to smoke.
Gorgeous conch shells & starfish on the dock.
Horse & buggy rides?
Hot liquor in a jewelry store? No thanks!
 Funny story about this guy!
The entire time we were on this beach he stood with his legs spread apart and arms crossed.
So what more to do than to take funny pictures like this!
{he had no idea we were taking these}

 Just a few of the friends we went with.
My most favorite guy ever!
Every day with him is paradise. Going on a cruise is just added fun!

 We walked to this beach which is the same beach my family went to our on last cruise.
 Another Senor Frog's?
This time no dancing on the bars!
I had no idea that swing said "swinger's club" until I uploaded these pictures!
I about died until J pointed out it was because we were sitting on a swing. hehe
Can I please have an oversized adirondack chair?

I was always so excited to get back to the room after dinner to see what towel pet our attendant made!
Also because 3 of the 4 nights J had something sent to the room with a sweet note.
The first day was the chocolate covered strawberries, night 2 was a plate of chocolate chip cookies and the last night he had a 6 inch cake waiting for me at dinner.
Besides he finally told me he loved me on the last night!
I'm ready for another getaway!

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  1. That looks like a blast! Have fun and drink alot for us!

  2. I am jealous! I really want to go on a cruise soon! Looks like so much fun :)

  3. So fun! I went for my honeymoon almost one year ago! So much fun!


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