Saturday, February 9, 2013

Weekly What


Welcome to the Weekly What?
A link-up hosted by AllieJenn and Ricci.
The basic idea is to recap all your posts from the previous week.
That way, those of us who play catch up on the weekends 
can find all your stuff in one place!

Monday: I posted a review & giveaway for a custom MayDesigns planner.  If you missed that giveaway no worries because soon I'll have another giveaway from MayDesigns. I absolutely love everything that MayDesigns has to offer. I mean who wouldn't!

Tuesday: I dumped all my iPhone Peectures into one post!  Most of them at least. I had to clear my phone to get ready for Vegas!

Wednesday: I'm still taking questions for a Q&A post I have in the works. Have a question or just want to be nosey about my life I'm giving you the ok to ask me ANYTHING!

Thursday: Operation Get Skinny was invented. I'm ready to get skinny and in shape again. Once I lose about 20 lbs I'll start to get fit. 

Friday: Pit & Peak Vol. 5 say what!!! I linked up with Allie & Brin, announced the MayDesigns winner, I hit 200 followers & got a new look around Life Is Sweet! What do you think? I absolutely LOVE it! If you're looking for a new design or need your social media icons linked and can't figure it out like me then go see Simply Clarke! She's amazing to work with and had my entire design done and installed in a week!!!! Now thats what I'm talking about! Friday was a huge day for me!

Saturday: I'm heading to VEGAS today! 

Come back Monday! I have a special guest filling in since I'll be living it up in Sin City! Trust me you won't want to miss who hijacked my blog! The girl is hilarious and completes me! 

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  1. I hope you're having the BEST time in Vegas! Thanks for linking up with us! I actually noticed your blog design and was thinking "Is this new or did I just not notice it before?" I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! Goregous!


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