Friday, February 8, 2013

Pit & Peak Vol.5


Another week has come & gone.
You know what that means.... It's time to tell y'all the pit & peak from the last week with Allie & Brin.
Getting cussed out by not one but two customers at work all in one day!
Gas prices continuing to go up!
Shopping at H&M. I found my new favorite shirts. Yes I bought them in 4 out of the 6 colors. Don't judge me. I also found the perfect pair of gold heels for Vegas.
My body aching from working out. Yes this is a peak because it means I'm doing something right in the gym.
As of 5 o'clock TODAY I'll officially be on vacation!!!
I get on a plane tomorrow & head out west!
I'm planning on a few guest post so make sure you come back next week. The ladies I have lined up are hilarious!

Happy Friday!!

Don't forget to get your questions to me for a little Q&A post!

 to Amy for winning the custom May Designs planner!


  1. I buy shirts in several colors when I find one I like. I just got 3 at Old Navy. Have fun in Vegas!!

  2. OH MY GAH WTH DO YOU DO THAT YOUR GETTING CURSED AT? I cannot handle the general public!!!!

  3. Love that your "pits" we're far fewer than peaks! Looks like a good week to me!

  4. I buy clothes in multiple colors too when I love them. Nothing wrong with that!


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