Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog-Vlog {Link up}

Today I'm linking up with Erin & Ashley to do a vlog about 3 things I just can't live without!

Yes I'm at work vlogging what else is there to do? Especially since its the end of the month :) I'm a rebel. Shoot me!

This is my first vlog and it's super short. Like 1 minute I think. Its actually supposed to be 3 minutes. But like I said I'm a rebel!



  1. I love love love it! You are a natural vlogger :) PS do you like your bottled water cold or room temperature?

  2. How cute are you? Gotta say I appreciate the short vlogs because I watch all of them and you just make my life that much easier :-) I am the same way- drinking water all day. Glad you linked up!

  3. Oh how cute are you!!! I gotta do mine...


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