Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Happenings {WILW}

Happy Halloween!!!

What I'm absolutely lovin' this Wednesday...
{I'm loving} that I have the best bloggy friends ever! I still believe they are closer to me than my friends I've known for years.
{I'm loving} that I'm still amazed by him!
{I'm loving} that it's the end of the month! YAY for a few slow days at work.
{I'm loving} that November & December are short work months!
{I'm loving} the cold temps N.FL has gotten this week.
{I'm loving} that I have cheesy potato soup in the crockpot for when I get home this evening.
{I'm loving} that my sweet friend Katie is "shooting" me during our mini session tonight! Last night we had to reschedule due to conflicts with our schedules. Darn you traffic!
What are you loving on this gorgeous Wednesday?


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