Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Y'all my life has changed drastically lately! I was introduced to a keratin treatment over the weekend and boy does my hair feel good. The best part is I paid nothing for it. Literally zero dollars. It helps my that brothers gf works at a hair school and gets the product for me!

My hair is the silkiest it's ever been! Here's a before excuse the mean look and no make up I was dead tired!

And the after! Aghhh how amazing is that!!

I recommend a keratin treatment if you ever get the chance! Yes it's pricey! Very pricey but if you have a hairstylist friend willing to try it go for it!



  1. Oh I love this girl! You look so pretty!!

    & go check out my blog! I nominated you for an award!

  2. Pretty! I have been dyeing to try this.

    New follower from

  3. I bit the bullet and had mine done back in early July. It still looks amazing! I only wash it every other day with a Sulfate free shampoo.


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