Monday, October 22, 2012

jury duty....

I was summoned for jury duty! I dreaded the moment that I had to call the clerks of court to see if my group was called. Of course with my luck it was. I actually really enjoyed being part of a jury though. Who knew. I loved listening to both sides of the story and watch these attorneys state their sides. Tomorrow we get to pick our verdict. I really wish I would've went to school to be an attorney now. I know its not too late but have I mentioned that I hate school? If I could get paid more than $15 a day to be on the jury I would do it everyday! Not kidding either.

Besides the 300 million courthouse is gorgeous! Yes you read that right.

I'll be back to posting my regular posts hopefully tomorrow evening. I've missed blogging so much. And now I feel like I have so much to blog. I'm also looking into getting a new design which I've never had anyone design for me. I'm super excited about that!


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